Connected Exhibition 2016

It’s that time of year again, the Connected exhibition for 2016 is fast approaching! Like previous years, it’s being held at Patchings Art Centre near Nottingham, and like last year, I have a few images involved in the printed exhibition. Such was the interest in this year’s exhibition that all the available spots for printed work were snapped up in under two days.


It will be interesting to see the work on display, and there are a couple of talks by the fantastic Vanda Ralevska and Guy Aubertin. I met them both (albeit briefly) at last year’s exhibition and am particularly looking forward to their presentations on the launch day of 30th April.


I have three images that will be on display, and they should look fantastic when printed (I hope!) – I had a sneak peak at test prints for my images to make sure I could get them as good as they can be.


If you can get down there on the 30th, or at any other time during its run, I would recommend it. The quality and variety of work is always great. Come say hi if you see me, and enjoy (and buy!) some of the wonderful work on display.


New Website


After a year with a hosted website at Zenfolio, I have decided to jump ship to a free WordPress alternative.

I liked the configurability and flexibility of the Zenfolio themes, but the service was a little flawed. Images lacked sharpness (a common issue raised to them), but it was mainly the cost-reward factor that ultimately resulted in a change of host. I simply could not afford the time to do the upkeep of the website, which basically meant that I was paying for something I wasn’t using.

I’ve therefore gone with a free option, and a much simpler design that should be easier for me to keep up to date with.

Hopefully I’ll blog a little more frequently too!