As mentioned in my previous blog post, Connected 2016 had its launch day on last Saturday, and I was able (just!) to make it up there for a few hours.

Sadly, an accident on the M1 kept me in traffic for quite some time, and I only just made it in time with a few minutes to spare before the talks from Vanda and Guy began. As such I didn’t get much of a chance to chat to everyone there, so sorry if I missed you – Matt Botwood, Karl Mortimer and Alastair Ross in particular, and anyone else I know was there that I wasn’t aware of.

The day was a big success. The quality of work on show was very high, the talks interesting and relevant, and a good sum of money was raised for the chosen charity The John van Geest Cancer Research Centre. There is a JustGiving page set up from the event, and if you wish to donate you can do so HERE. The total raised so far stands at £880, it would be great if we could get this over the £1k mark.

I was really pleased with the quality of the prints, Rob, Karen, Fotospeed and Patchings did a great job getting things running so smoothly. Should any of my images sell (unlikely I know), any money I receive will be going directly to the charity, so if you happen to get up there and want something, you’ll get a wonderfully presented image and the charity will directly benefit.


In other news, I’ve been relatively quiet in putting out new work. This is largely because I’ve begun work on an entirely new and different project.

The project is a bit of a departure from my normal, location-based work predominantly in Prince’s Coverts. I wanted to do something away from the powers of conditions/light that landscape photography demands; I’ve felt at times like I have been creating images almost on auto-pilot. I needed a jolt of creative thought, and I wanted to create something a little less derivative and frustrating (any landscape photographer will tell you of numerous wasted mornings and disappointment!).

Now, I’m aware that “derivative” is quite a weighty word with distinctly negative connotations, but I don’t use it in a particularly demeaning sense here at all. Living in South West London, choice of location is severely limited. There are few places that aren’t just suburban sprawl, and the ones that are accessible in reasonable time, like Richmond Park, are flooded with photographers doing a very similar thing. So, Prince’s Coverts became my go-to location; it’s very quiet, diverse and I’ve never seen another photographer there. It essentially is mine, photographically. This suits me well, I like the solitude and quiet (well, as quiet as it can be given it’s proximity to the M25 and A3). It is, however, a place that is at times excruciatingly unforgiving if conditions aren’t perfect, and they almost never are down here. Combined with the fact I’m a bit of a night owl and a lover of the sleepy times, I was very rarely getting out. And when I did get out, the images I was producing could really have been taken by anyone. I didn’t feel like there was much of ‘me’ being represented in my work, it lacked identity.

I was a little uncertain about the new project at first and there have been several teething problems, but I’m finally in a place where I’m happy with the direction and quality of the images. I hope to have some online next week, and I’ll discuss the project in more detail with another blog post introducing it all.

I won’t be giving up my forest and landscape work (I’m off to Cornwall and Devon soon for a few days), so if you enjoy that and aren’t into my new project, no need to worry. The misty trees will return, as there is little in life as glorious as a foggy arboreal scene.


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